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Le Savon de Coeur

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The soap. While most soaps can damage your skins delicate microbiome, pure tallow soap keeps moisture and your balance intact. A gentle suds with plenty of moisture, this pure tallow soap is hand rendered, with simply grass finished tallow, distilled water, and all the natural lye is completely dissipated when the process is completed. Use for hands, body, even hand washing clothing! This is gentle enough for babies, and effective enough to remove the day's dirt and oils, while allowing your skins microbiome to flourish and moisture to be restored. . To extend your soap life, use a soap dish with breathable slats or holes to allow the soap to dry in between use. 
120 ml


Our shop is in Coeur d Alene, Idaho

All products are items that I personally feel safe using during pregnancy and nursing, with a long history of safety data. Please research as well if there is anything you would not consider using during pregnancy.


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Coeur d Alene, Idaho