About Pure Coeur

Hi, I'm Christy. Creator, alchemist, proprietor, shipping assistant, website manager, believer, and vibrant life seeker. I started crafting my own skincare products in early 2009, when several health diagnosis came my way. I immediately ditched everything in my home that could have contributed to my health decline, and quickly realized that many products on the shelves were not as safe as they appeared. What started as a necessity became a passion to help others find healing and excitement in finding a new way to access skincare. I discovered tallow a few years later and have been using this amazing ingredient for about a decade now. My personal testimony and trials have led me to greater compassion for those with sensitive skin and skin concerns, and I'm so grateful that I am able to share them with you. I wanted to find luxury products that felt like I'd gone to a spa yet with truly beneficial ingredients and no fillers, or any unnecessary additives. I decided to create what I wanted to find, and Pure Coeur was born out of that desire. The name itself means pure heart, which I find to be far more important than what may be seen from the outside. I'm a homeschooling mama to 4, and my dream is to create both a company that gives back, encourages you to find meaning bigger than skin deep, and to create a community that leaves a legacy beyond what any individual could do alone. Thank you for supporting my small shop!