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Alchemy Tallow Balm

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Formula #6. The most luxurious liquid tallow balm that literally melts on contact with your skin. Tallow alone is incredibly healing, and when combined with these intentional ingredients, they amplify. Frankincense and myrrh resins and extract create a synergy unlike when used individually, and work with pine and spruce tree resins in jojoba to restore skin, along with powerhouse emu oil, marula oil, babassu, and house crafted rose enfleurage tallow with local beeswax. Whole flower infusions of calendula, chamomile, helichrysum, nettle, and horsetail complete this nightly balm. To use, prepare wet skin, and gently pat in a small pea sized amount. This is used after nightly cleansing and can be used in the morning as well.
50 ml


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